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Family Immigration

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One of the common ways to become a Legal Permanent Resident [also called ‘Green Card Holder’] is to be sponsored by your family member. As a US citizen or Green card holder wishing to sponsor your relative[s], you have to take the following steps:

  • File Form I-130 to establish the family relationship existing between you and your relative [for example spouse, parent, sibling or child]
  • Prove that you have enough income or assets to support your relative [s] when they come to the United States.

Who is an Immediate Relative?

An immediate relative is either your spouse, unmarried child under age 21, your father or your mother. Immediate relatives of US citizens are given greater preference in obtaining lawful permanent residence through family immigration. US citizens also have another advantage over Green Card holders because they can petition for their adult married children, whereas Green Card holders can only petition for adult children if they are single.

For relatives who are “immediate relatives” there are other categories for classifying them for immigration purposes. These are known as “family-preference categories” and include unmarried sons or daughters over the age of 21, married children of any age, and brothers and sisters of the US Citizen.

Adjustment of Status vs Consular Processing

The process to obtain a green card for someone already in the United States is called Adjustment of Status. For a person outside the United States the process is called Consular processing. Paul Law Firm offers the quality representation that you need, whether you are adjusting status to that of a green card holder or you are consular processing into the United States. As an Immigration Attorney in Houston who has gone through this process herself, Ms Uchenna is passionate about her clients’ success and committed to exploring every legal avenue to help her clients get a positive case result.

Our firm also offers truthful and honest assessments of each client’s case. Our primary objective is to help you – the client. Whether you are sponsoring your loved ones to help them enter the country through consular process or adjusting status to become legal permanent residents [green card holders] we are here to help.

We can advise you about the laws and regulations that apply to your particular situation and help you avoid mistakes. We recognize that not every client is the same and we take care to provide the individualized attention your case requires.

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