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Atualização de imigração: On Tuesday 2/21/17, the Department of Homeland Security released new guidelines that could result in the greatest numbers of deportations this country has seen in the last few decades. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly signed the memos, which call for undocumented immigrants to be deported if they have
1. been CHARGED with a criminal offense [even though they have not been convicted
2. been CONVICTED of a criminal offense
3. ABUSED any program relating to receiving PUBLIC BENEFITS
4. engaged in FRAUD or WILFUL MISREPRESENTATION in any official matter before a government agency.

What does this mean in plain English? It means undocumented immigrants could potentially be deported for committing minor traffic offences, receiving government assistance or using fake Social Security numbers to work. Immigration officials now have broad powers to deport anyone whom they believe poses a risk to public safety or national security.

Immigration sweeps and raids have been taking place in major US cities across the country. In the months and weeks to come, we will see a lot more unfold on the immigration landscape.

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