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Paul Law Firm is a US Immigration and Nationality Law Firm based in Houston, Texas. Although we are located in Houston, Texas we represent clients from all over the world. Paul Law Firm is a Houston Immigration Law Firm that is focused on the practice of Immigration Law.

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We recognize that every immigration case is different and we are dedicated to providing highly effective, ethical and individualized solutions to each and every case. At Paul Law Firm we adhere to the highest standards of ethical representation in the practice of Immigration Law.

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We look forward to working with you to meet your Immigration needs, and to stand side by side with you as we navigate the Immigration Law landscape together. You can count on Houston Immigration Attorney Ms. Uchenna Paul to give you honest case assessments, professional, ethical and quality legal representation. Call us today on (832) 321-4028 or email uchenna@upaullaw.com to get started.

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  • Paul Law Firm is an epitome of professionalism. Ability to put you first, timely response to your questions and enquiries, going the extra mile to assist with every little detail is mind blowing. My experience was top notch and I would not hesitate to recommend friends or family to them.

    Akinyemi J.

    If I could I would give her 10 stars. She was in charge of our case and she did an amazing job!! We are so thankful for helping us, highly recomended 👍

    Manuel C.

    She’s amazing! My husband and I are so grateful that she is our attorney for our case! She explains and makes the process so much easier! She is always there to help and answer questions. She is very sweet and we feel very comfortable working with her! I highly recommend her!

    Keila H.
  • I strongly recommend Lawyer Paul for all your immigration needs. She is honest, trustworthy and very helpful making the whole process easy and smooth. I enjoyed working with her.

    Sully U.

    Wonderful experience highly recommend miss Paul for any immigration need. If you are looking for someone professional, timely mannered, kind and treats you more than a client but as family I would call miss Paul she is wonderful. She helped me on my permanent residence case that was a bit hard to begin with because of prior problems I had... read more

    Luis S.

    My husband went in for his residency card renewal and she was very helpful. Took the time to explain procedures and was professional. She was always positive about the time frame in receiving the card. We are very pleased and will definitely be recommending her services.

    miriam g.
  • I don’t have enough words to describe the kindness and professionalism of Ms. Paul.
    We had a very complicated case and before I even hired her, she talked with me enough times to make a feel comfortable in hiring her. She is always available for her clients. She was very genuinely concerned, Detail oriented and a very compassionate person. ...
    read more

    Manpreet S.

    Thats really good lawyer, she help me to renew my Green Card ill get it fast whitout any problems

    Gerald L.

    We were married on May 16th 2017, and we hired Mrs.Paul as our immigration attorney. The entire process went very smoothly and very quickly thanks to Mrs.Paul. We don’t have the words to express our heart felt gratitude to her for all she’s done to help us. Thank you very much for your courtesy, professionalism, and genuine down-to-earth kindness. Your... read more

    joseline N.
  • Attorney Uchenna Paul is a very efficient and compassionate lawyer. she was able to provide me with detailed advice on the potential risks and options I have regarding my immigration visa matter and for this I am extremely grateful. She was extremely thorough and detailed and provided me with invaluable recommendations.I Highly recommend Mrs. Paul

    M. Fernandez

    Mateo F.

    The reason my boyfriend and I went to Paul Law Firm was for a DACA renewal. My boyfriend got scammed from another company where they never sent his paper work. With only 5 weeks left before his DACA expired and risked losing his job, he was welcomed at Paul Law Firm. She was quick with the paper work, responsive to... read more

    Desire H.

    Mrs. Paul is a life saver. The past few years and especially after the Trump election we've been worried sick about my mother's immigration status. Her situation was so complicated that she was rejected at multiple law firms. Through Mrs. Paul she was able to get her permanent resident card in less then two weeks, after leaving to Mexico. Now... read more

    Alan G.

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